NEWBORN PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP EUROPE (Lisbon, Portugal) – 26th & 27th October 2013

NEWBORN PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP – Limited to 2 participants! (Lisbon – Portugal – Europe)

This workshop is open to professional and amateur photographers who want to broaden their knowledge and learn more about the art of capturing newborns up to 15 days of age!

Come learn how I conduct my newborn sessions from beginning to end, using natural light and studio lights. We will discuss the preparation of the sessions and the various scenarios, how I work with my camera, and how I prepare parents and deal with them before and during the sessions. You will have the opportunity to see my entire workflow, to see my methods to relax babies and learn the various poses, handling, and safety when capturing newborns.

This workshop will include two newborn sessions during the duration of two days, with post-production (editing and image processing). The sessions will be directed / supervised by me – Isabel Monte – and the participants will have the opportunity to ask questions throughout the workshop, to gain practical experience with the newborn (take photographs and work poses) on the second day. The pictures taken by the participants may be used later in own portfolio.

Because of my educational and experience background in marketing, I will give special attention to the subject, and show you my communication strategies, in order to help you build a successfully business in the future.

INCLUDES | Lunch, snacks and drinks throughout the 2 days

SPONSORED BY |  Newborn Baby Posing Limited (

WORKSHOP DATES 2013 | 1st Workshop – Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 October 2013 – This workshop will take only 2 participants (FULLY BOOKED)

WORKSHOP DATES 2014 | 1st Workshop – Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 January 2014 – This workshop will take only 2 participants (FULLY BOOKED)

PARTICIPANTS | Limited to 2 participants – There is also the possibility for a “One on One” 2 Days Workshop (1 participant), to be scheduled according to my availability and the participant´s availability)

DURATION | 16 Hours (2 Days)

LOCATION | The workshop will be done in my studio in Cruz de Pau, Amora – Seixal, about 20 minutes from Lisbon (Portugal – Europe)


9h to 9h30 – Studio Equipment, Accessories / Props, and Hygiene
10h to 14h – Arrival of the family with newborn, demonstration of a newborn session
14h to 15h – Lunch Break
15h to 18h – Post-production (Editing and Treatment of Images Session, Mounts, Photoshop Actions), Questions and Answers

9h to 13h – Arrival of the family with newborn, newborn session (Practice with newborn)
13h to 14h – Lunch Break
14h to 16h – Post-production (Analysis of the images of the participants, Composition, Editing and Treatment of Images for portfolio, Mounts, Photoshop Actions, Photography Style)
16h to 18h – Tips, Inspirations, Marketing and Branding, Sales, Presentation of Final Work to Clients, Questions and Answers

REQUIREMENTS | Basic knowledge of photography – A reflex camera and be familiar with the manual mode – A 50mm prime lens and macro lens (optional) – Laptop with Photoshop (any version) installed

PAYMENT TERMS | 50% non-refundable payment is made on the day of the booking and the remainder  50% one week prior to the workshop start.

PRICES & REGISTRATION | For more information and registration please send an email to

Isabel Monte Photography – Professional photographer specializing in photo shoots for families, couples, maternity, newborns, babies and children – Photo Sessions available in Studio, in the area of Lisbon and Setúbal (Portugal – Europe).

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